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Tax Lawyer Catriona Hartigan

Being on the wrong end of an ATO investigation or debt recovery action is stressful. It can be overwhelming when you are up against such a big organisation. It’s you, the small business owner, against the ATO and its 20,000 employees. It can seem impossible to fight back against the ATO’s huge resources.

This is where I can help you. I am a tax lawyer based in Adelaide. I specialise in tax disputes. I spend my days helping small businesses to deal with the ATO. I help with interest and penalty remissions, objections to tax decisions, tax audits and more.

No matter where you are in Australia, if you’re in a dispute with the ATO, then I can help.

If you have any questions about how I work, please read my frequently asked questions page, or call me on 0486 041 442 or 1300 75 84 84 for a chat.

What my clients say about my work   

I’m an accountant at Precision Management Accounting. One of my clients had some difficulties lodging his BAS with the ATO and he received a penalty notice from the ATO for over $4,000!

I contacted Catriona to see if she could help us to have the penalty reversed. Catriona drafted a letter to the ATO and I soon realised that the negotiation process was in fact a legal process that was heavily reliant on using correct wording and terminology – something that was out of my accounting skill set. Catriona’s letter was accepted by the ATO and all penalties were reversed – making my client extremely happy!

As an accountant, it’s great knowing I have Catriona who can also help my clients with any ATO issues.Anita Wassermann | Precision Management Accounting

I had a Court summons for failing to lodge tax returns. It was a complex problem, one that I could no longer avoid. What I desperately needed was a specialist in taxation, a legal firm that did not treat me as another number.

I found Hartigan Law on the internet and the website told me exactly what I wanted to read. I met with Catriona and we had a lengthy discussion about my situation, how it arose and what she thought was the best way to handle it. Before the hearing there were a few more meetings with Catriona.

The day of the hearing came, and that was where I saw that I had definitely made the right choice in having Catriona represent me. She confidently and purposefully explained my situation to the magistrate, her defence was strong reasonable and truthful. I had never hoped for such a great result and as low a fine, and it showed that Catriona was there to represent me, to do her best and not just go through the motions.

If ever I had to contend with the ATO again Catriona is definitely the person I want in my corner. Matthew Beaumont | Small Business Owner