Catriona Hartigan


Catriona is a specialist tax disputes lawyer with over a decade of experience in dealing with the ATO.

She loves her clients. She takes their issues personally and deals with them as though they are her own. She knows the stress that comes with fighting the ATO, and she works hard to take that stress away.

Catriona has helped many clients to receive interest and penalty remissions, to object to and appeal the ATO’s decisions and to reach settlements on disputed tax amounts. She also represents her clients in court when they are charged with tax related crimes.

She lives in Adelaide with her husband Andrew and their 2 Boston Terriers – Bossy and Baxter.

She works with clients all over Australia and internationally. She can do this because the tax issues she deals with are Federal – the law is the same no matter where in Australia you live.


  • Master of Laws
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Business (Commercial Law)
  • Bachelor of Computer & Information Science
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice