Here’s what some of my clients have said about my work

I engaged Catriona to advise me about a complex tax and Superannuation issue where I was considering an objection to an ATO determination.

Catriona listened carefully to my story, asked relevant questions and pointed to where I needed to be more clear and accurate.

Catriona is totally professional with a fine work ethic. She carries lightly her huge knowledge of tax law and is able to explain complex matters in a cogent and clear way for the layperson.

I was also impressed with her collaborative style, where she made sure to include me at every stage of the process and sought my feedback concerning what she had written on my behalf.

The matter in question was resolved in my favour. I am very grateful to Catriona. Her ability to put my claim in an articulate and lucidly argued fashion and to help me sort out what I was actually claiming were invaluable.

I would highly recommend Hartigan Law and Catriona in particular, for any tax related legal matter.

Kevin C | Adelaide, SA
We are forever grateful for your thoroughness, knowledge and compassion throughout. We couldn’t have gone through this without you. You are a great human being and an exceptional lawyer.
Greg | Adelaide, SA
We approached Catriona Hartigan for help to object to an ATO decision that we thought was wrong. She helped us to get a brilliant result. We thoroughly recommend her if you need a good tax lawyer.

She is highly efficient, gets things done on time, gets them done properly, and won’t charge you an arm and a leg.

Dr Fleur Tiver | Adelaide, SA
After suffering from Mental Health issues for several years and some family problems, I had let our small business BAS and tax returns slide and ended up with a summons from the ATO to attend court for failing to lodge BAS and tax returns for 3 years.

I knew I was in serious trouble and needed to find a lawyer who dealt in tax law.  I did a Google search and found Catriona Hartigan.  Once I contacted Catriona I knew we were in safe hands.  Catriona was professional, knowledgable and extremely helpful.  I felt at ease straight away.

Catriona was able to get an adjournment to allow us and our accountant time to lodge the outstanding returns.  She listened to my reasons for not lodging without judgement, and at our court hearing Catriona was able to have the fine amount reduced.

Catriona handled everything with the court hearing, we did not need to attend which was a relief as the thought of this made me very anxious.

I would highly recommend Catriona for any legal matters relating to the ATO.
Maria P | Adelaide, SA
I have worked hard all my life. When I first approached Hartigan Law my Accountant of several decades had died and – now aged 82 myself – I had been told I owed the Tax Office interest and penalties. I thought these were cruel and unfair.

Catriona worked closely with me. She was able to reduce the interest and penalties in full. She was efficient, friendly and took a personal interest in my case.

I am grateful to her for her help and would recommend her to anyone else who is having trouble with the Tax Office.

Margaret Bolster | Sydney, NSW
I can’t thank you enough for your efforts and what you’ve been able to achieve in terms of minimizing my tax debt. Without your help I would have had a far greater burden on my shoulders!
Alex B | Construction Industry
I am so grateful to you for getting this dream outcome. What a relief!!! Now I can get on with life and not get in a mess like this ever again. Thank you thank you thank you…..!
Tina B | Western Australia

From my first email and then meeting with Cat I knew I was in good hands. She was very professional in all areas and listened to what I had to say.

Her advice for my situation was spot on. She always responded to emails promptly and kept me up to date with the case.

Dennis Mobbs | Adelaide

I had been procrastinating my overdue taxation situation for a long time and it had eventually become a pressing issue that worried me daily. When I decided enough was enough and I needed to take action, I searched Google specifically for information on ATO debt and General Interest Charges, and that is where I came across Hartigan Law.

I was impressed with the testimonials for Catriona and I felt them to be honest and transparent. I knew from those that Catriona would be the right person for me to speak with if I was going to have help in dealing with the ATO and the debt I was facing.

It didn’t concern me that I was located in Sydney and Catriona was in Adelaide thanks to technology. We arranged a Skype consultation and it was this consultation that had me know I had chosen the right person; Catriona was thorough, non-judgemental and informed and helped me establish clarity around various conditions of my situation that led to my ATO debt that I might otherwise wouldn’t have considered or thought relevant.

It was reassuring to have someone to send an email to if I needed assistance or had a question. I feel such a great sense of relief that I have finally taken action on this area of my life that was fast becoming an anxious-making ordeal. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Catriona to family or friends — or anyone else who knows they need to take action when it comes to their taxes and the ATO.

Rachael | Sydney, NSW
I really appreciate your help. I was so mad at myself for letting things get so far out of control. Having the interest back makes a huge difference! Really appreciate your expertise, thank you!
Amy M | Singapore
Thank you again for your assistance with our objection to the ATO. We are most appreciative of your handling of the matter efficiently and effectively.
Roger Playfair | Adelaide, SA
I had a Court summons for failing to lodge tax returns. It was a complex problem, one that I could no longer avoid. What I desperately needed was a specialist in taxation, a legal firm that did not treat me as another number.

I found Hartigan Law on the internet and the website told me exactly what I wanted to read. I met with Catriona and we had a lengthy discussion about my situation, how it arose and what she thought was the best way to handle it. Before the hearing there were a few more meetings with Catriona.

The day of the hearing came, and that was where I saw that I had definitely made the right choice in having Catriona represent me. She confidently and purposefully explained my situation to the magistrate, her defence was strong reasonable and truthful. I had never hoped for such a great result and as low a fine, and it showed that Catriona was there to represent me, to do her best and not just go through the motions.

If ever I had to contend with the ATO again Catriona is definitely the person I want in my corner. Matthew Beaumont | Small Business Owner

Catriona is a dedicated and passionate lawyer who has the knowledge to answer your questions. Her compassion and understanding make you feel at ease throughout the whole process.

It can be daunting when you need to hire a lawyer but she took away the extra stress that I felt. I felt confident in having her by my side.

My health left me in an undesirable situation but Catriona’s knowledge resulted in the best possible outcome for me and I am truly grateful.

This is the lawyer you want by your side so don’t hesitate to contact her. It was the best decision I made.

Thank you for everything Catriona.

Bree | Hairdresser
I’m an accountant at Precision Management Accounting. One of my clients had some difficulties lodging his BAS with the ATO and he received a penalty notice from the ATO for over $4,000!

I contacted Catriona to see if she could help us to have the penalty reversed. Catriona drafted a letter to the ATO and I soon realised that the negotiation process was in fact a legal process that was heavily reliant on using correct wording and terminology – something that was out of my accounting skill set. Catriona’s letter was accepted by the ATO and all penalties were reversed – making my client extremely happy!

As an accountant, it’s great knowing I have Catriona who can also help my clients with any ATO issues.Anita Wassermann | Precision Management Accounting

I was referred to Catriona by my accountant in Perth. I only had 7 working days notice before the court date. I thought we had a good case to get the charges withdrawn but the ATO was not listening or responding to my reasons for not having lodged 3 years tax returns and 3 years GST returns. Even though I had now completed all my lodgements, the ATO were still proceeding with the prosecution.

After giving Catriona all the relevant information, Catriona managed to lodge a submission to the ATO within 3 working days providing legal arguments as to why extenuating circumstances warranted the charges being withdrawn. This meant the ATO postponed the court date so they could properly consider the submission.

Eight working days after lodging the submission Catriona followed up the ATO to receive the welcome news that the ATO accepted the arguments put forward in the submission and would withdraw the charges.

I also appreciated that Catriona was able to give me a fixed cost to provide her services to me so there were no surprises about her fees. Even though I was in WA and Catriona was in SA she was always available on the phone and kept me up to date with what was going on. I can’t thank her enough.

Luke | Western Australia
Catriona recently assisted our family through a complex process. We were all immediately impressed with how sensibly and efficiently Catriona acted. We were also very grateful that all fees and charges were explained up front and put in a transparent manner, reassuring us we would not receive any unexpected charges. Catriona is an experienced and knowledgeable solicitor. We would have no hesitation in recommending her services to you.
Emma Altman